Develop oracy across an area

Voice 21 works with groups of schools such as Local Authorities, Multi Academy Trusts, and other networks to deliver bespoke, high-impact and sustainable oracy programmes, spanning anything from two terms to three years.

Regardless of your starting point, we will provide the expertise, resources and frameworks to ensure you have the greatest impact in your setting.

We believe that good oracy practice at a whole-school or area level should start with a foundation of good classroom practice, and consequently we recommend that all oracy interventions start with the aim of establishing a core of good practice in this area before developing further leadership capacity

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Cultivate individual expertise

To successfully develop and sustain oracy across a school, trust or area, we have learnt that it is vital to first cultivate a group of passionate, committed and skillful oracy practitioners who can lead by example from their classrooms, demonstrating the impact of an oracy-rich approach on their learners.

Drive leadership and learning across the curriculum

Building leadership capacity for oracy is essential if developments in oracy pedagogy and practice are to be sustained and built upon. To anchor changes in practice, it is essential that leaders build a culture which celebrates and values oracy, in which teachers are empowered to use talk to drive learning across the curriculum.

Sustain, embed and improve practice

To ensure improvements in oracy practice are long-term and self-sustaining, it is essential that there is a framework for school-led oracy improvement in place across an area, trust or group of schools.

Deep dive into a specific area of oracy

As part of our offer we also encourage schools to include our Accelerate Oracy Days, which are deep-dives into specific oracy issues, supplementing their work with us.

Accelerate Discussion

Discover the powerful tool of exploratory talk, how it supports learning across the curriculum, and how to successfully taught through purposeful planning, modelling and effective questioning.

Accelerate Leadership

Embedding oracy into the heart of the school requires effective leadership. Explore how to set a strategic vision for oracy specific to your school, and develop existing systems and practice to build a culture of talk.

Accelerate Assessment and Metacognition

Assessing, quantifying and reflecting on progress in oracy can be challenging; there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Develop your expertise in formative assessment and metacognitive reflection, and explore the challenges of summative assessment to establish the best approach for your school.

Accelerate Curriculum

Discover how oracy can be planned into your current curriculum and across a child’s journey through your school to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to find their voice across a range of different contexts.

Accelerate Debate

Gain greater understanding of the conventions of debating, how you can teach these to students and how it supports the development of critical thinking.. You will leave with a range of practical ideas and tools to introduce debating in your subject or phase.

Accelerate Speechmaking

Immerse yourselves in the speechmaking process, and the benefits it brings in enabling students to explore their passions, present and defend their ideas to large audiences. You will write and perform your own speech and understand how to teach this valuable skill to your students.

Accelerate Vocabulary

Learn how to create classrooms that are language rich and that encourage students to interact with a wide-ranging, diverse and complex spread of vocabulary, through both speaking and listening. You will gain a wide range of ideas specific to your subject, and a grounding vocabulary acquisition research.

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