We’re on a mission to transform the learning and life chances of young people through talk so that all children can use their voice for success in school and in life. 
A primary student stands in front of engaged learners

We exist to increase access to high-quality oracy education, particularly for those children that need it most. We achieve this by working in partnership with teachers and schools via our Voice 21 Oracy Schools membership.

By demonstrating the value and impact of oracy, our schools inspire others to provide a high-quality oracy education and, in doing so, make society a fairer, more equitable place where all voices are valued and heard.

Oracy skills are vital to success in school and in life.  And yet, for many children, especially those growing up in poverty, opportunities to develop these vital skills are missed. 

Only a minority of schools have consistent, coherent or adequately resourced provision to develop these skills in their students.

Our sustained approach weaves oracy into a school’s DNA, ensuring current and future students have access to a high-quality oracy education. This means that students in Voice 21 Oracy Schools, including those who would otherwise miss out, develop the oracy skills they need for success in school and in life. 


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