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Through our work we are developing a compelling evidence base and building our understanding of what works to inform educators and influencers in the UK.

The Talking Point 2024

The Voicing Vocabulary Report

A graphic containing primary students engaging in classwork, with text that reads:

The Voicing Vocabulary Report 2021-23.

The Talking Point 2023

The cover of The Talking Point publication, which contains an image of a group of young Muslim students laughing in class.

Voice 21’s Journal 2023.

The state of speaking in our schools

This image consists of piles of The State of Speaking in our Schools report.

Our 2016 report into the current state of oracy education in schools across the UK.

The Oracy Imperative - Alice Stott & Amy Gaunt

The cover of Amy Gaunt & Alice Stott's Transform Teaching and Learning through Talk book.

An introduction and practical guide to oracy by Voice 21’s own Alice Stott and Amy Gaunt.

The Oracy Benchmarks

The cover of The Oracy Benchmarks report.

The Oracy Benchmarks outline what constitutes a high quality oracy education.

Speak for Change Inquiry Report

A graphic which includes the cover of Speak for Change Inquiry Report

As the secretariat of the Oracy All-Party Parliamentary Group, Voice 21 supported the Speak for Change Inquiry and final report publication.

Oracy essential reading

A selection of written work showcasing expertise and further evidence for the need for oracy.

EEF Evaluation of Oral Language Interventions


The EEF's logo

Evidence of the impact of oral language interventions which add five months progress over the course of a year.

Exploring talk in schools

Edited by Neil Mercer and Steve Hodgkinson (2008)

The cover of Exploring talk in schools

A great introduction to the theory of classroom talk, with chapters on a broad range of topics including talk in maths and science.

Dialogic teaching in brief

Robin Alexander

Provides background to the dialogic teaching approach used in the EEF trial.

Talking about a generation

Communication Trust

Review of current policy, evidence and practice for speech, language and communication.

Oracy Cambridge Blog

Oracy Cambridge, Cambridge University

Provides lots of quick reads and insights into the impact of oracy on teaching and learning.

Speaking Frankly - The English Speaking Union & Voice 21

A collection of essays on oracy from cross-sector leaders tackling issues from wellbeing to social mobility, debate to thinking skills.

EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit

As part of the most recent version of the EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit shows oral language interventions are now ranked joint-second when looking at their impact on student outcomes.

I Can Speaking up for the COVID generation report

Read more from the report which highlights that 1/5 million children are at risk of not being able to speak or understand language at an age appropriate level as a result of the pandemic.

Speaking up: The importance of oracy in teaching and learning

Classroom Talk in Practice: Teachers' Experiences of Oracy in Action

By Rupert Knight

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