Our Leadership Development programme of support will develop a leader with the knowledge and skills to build staff capacity and lead oracy across your school, aligned with whole-school priorities.

Our Leadership Development pathway recognises the vital importance of oracy-specific leadership and equips participants with the skills, tools and experiences to be confident and effective leaders of oracy.

Students benefit from high expectations for oracy as your vision connects a high-quality oracy teaching & learning approach to them as individuals and their community.

Key outcomes and benefits of the Leadership Development pathway

The Oracy Lead will:

  • Develop their voice as a leader of oracy, in the school and within the sector
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to create, lead and deliver an ambitious, strategic vision for oracy which aligns with whole-school priorities
  • Learn how to develop oracy teaching practice and design methods which enable them to understand and evaluate the impact of oracy across the school
  • Pioneer innovative strategies to embed and strengthen oracy provision across the school

Colleagues across the school will:

  • Develop an impact-led approach to oracy teaching and learning, supported by rigorous evaluation
  • Build and buy into a clear and compelling vision for oracy development at their school and for their students

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