Our Classroom Practice programme of support will enable you to develop and implement an oracy-rich approach to teaching and learning across your school.

Our Classroom Practice pathway is designed to develop a vanguard of expert oracy practitioners in your school who develop a whole-school approach to oracy teaching and learning and model effective oracy teaching practice in their classrooms, supporting colleagues across the school to develop their practice.

 Students will have greater engagement in learning, an increased understanding and awareness of what makes effective oracy and improved oracy skills, particularly during whole-class and group discussion.


Key outcomes and benefits of the Classroom Practice pathway

Oracy Champions (2 staff for primary, 3 staff for secondary) will:

  • Become expert oracy practitioners who can model effective oracy in their teaching practice
  • Develop and implement an oracy-rich approach to teaching and learning across your school, reflecting your school context and starting point
  • Deliver up-front training in oracy to colleagues and provide follow-on support to empower teachers across your school

Colleagues across the school will:

  • Embed shared routines & practices which support high-quality talk for learning
  • Understand how oracy can deepen and enhance students’ knowledge and understanding across different subject disciplines
  • Build a positive and inclusive culture of oracy in every classroom

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