Creating connections with Voice 21 for Oracy October 2021

Throughout the month of October, Voice 21 will once again be launching Oracy October, a month of free events and resources centered around the theme of ‘creating connections’. Following on from the success of last year’s month of oracy we are excited to be joining up with teachers, school leaders and oracy specialists to deliver seven free online sessions. We’ll be exploring the power of talk to create connections between people – whether that’s learning with peers, building relationships or overcoming differences.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic education has been in a state of flux. Students across the country have regularly lost the opportunity to create connections in the classroom and beyond. With this in mind, Oracy October 2021 is focused on bringing together oracy advocates in one virtual space to build their own connections and empower them to use oracy to support students across the country. 

From teacher masterclasses to participatory discussions and breakout sessions, we hope there will be an event for everyone to celebrate the power of oracy and its impact on students’ life chances. 

Schools and teachers will also have the opportunity to get their students involved in Oracy October by taking on the Voice 21 Oracy Odyssey challenge. Following in the footsteps of ancient Greek scholars by becoming accomplished orators, students will take on 12 different challenges throughout the month.

The challenge aims to encourage students to develop their oracy skills by challenging them to use their voices in different contexts. You can download the resource pack to enable your students to take part in the challenge with certificates included for each student that completes their Oracy Odyssey. At the end of the month there will also be a prize draw for schools and students that successfully complete the challenge.

To find out more about Oracy October and to register to receive the resource pack and attend the free events, please click on the link below.

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