What is Oracy October?

We are excited to launch Oracy October, a month-long celebration of oracy. We will be hosting a series of free events centred around ‘creating connections’.

We’ll be exploring the power of talk to enable us to create connections with others – whether that’s learning with peers, building relationships or overcoming differences.

Join us this Oracy October to explore the power of talk to create connections in the classroom, school and beyond.

Oracy October events

You can sign up to one or more of the events by clicking here. For further details on what each session will involve do visit this link.

Oracy October challenge

Alongside our series of free events, we’re also encouraging you to take your students on an Oracy Odyssey, raising their understanding and awareness of oracy by challenging them to use their voices in varied and interesting contexts. Our Oracy Odyssey challenge, which will be sent to you as a resource pack after you have signed up, is the perfect way to get your students (of any age) talking again this autumn term.

Following in the famed footsteps of the many heroes of Greek mythology, your students must embark on a quest to complete twelve challenges in the month of October,  empowering them to become accomplished orators just like the scholars of Ancient Greece who worked hard to master the art of the spoken word. 

Share your students’ progress on Twitter, tagging @voice21oracy with the hashtag #oracyoctober

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