Chartered College's summary of evidence of the importance of oracy

An article in Impact, the journal of the Chartered College of Teaching’s, summarises the importance of oracy for teaching and learning.

The authors, Amy Gaunt (Director of Teaching and Learning for Voice 21) and Will Millard, Senior Associate, LKMCo, demonstrate how oracy is linked with:

  • cognitive gains eg. improved academic attainment
  • personal and social gains including increased self-esteem and confidence
  • civic engagement and empowerment

You can read the full article with supporting evidence here.

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Raising expectations of student oracy with their parents

It has made us reconsider the format of all parent consultations, particularly because it emphasises the most important part: enabling students to share the work they are particularly proud of.

Case study

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Explore over 120 oracy sequences of learning from participants in this year’s National Oracy Pioneers Programme. Each sequence details the aims, impact and steps that participants in the National Oracy Pioneers programme have taken in introducing oracy to their classroom.

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