The Talking Point - Voice 21's Journal 2023

Director of Learning and Impact, Amy Gaunt, introduces our annual journal.

We are delighted to launch our annual journal for 2022-23, The Talking Point, where colleagues from Voice 21, as well as teachers in Voice 21 Oracy Schools, share findings from research conducted over the past year, including insights from our national network of Voice 21 Oracy Schools.

Over the past 7 years we have had the privilege to work with thousands of teachers and hundreds of schools across the UK to develop their oracy provision, in turn building and refining our own understanding of oracy education.

In the journal, you learn more about how oracy can:

  • Elevate learning in the maths classroom
  • Support the primary-secondary transition
  • Be assessed

The classroom research conducted by teachers in our schools gives you a taste of the difference a high-oracy education will make to students in your school:

  • Improved attainment in KS4 science
  • Better quality classroom talk
  • Improved behaviour at lunch time

We hope that the contributions to this journal will serve as ‘talking points’, prompting conversation in your staff room about how best you can provide your students with a high-quality oracy education.

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