World Teacher Day 2022

What is World Teachers’ Day?

World Teachers’ Day is held every year on 5th October to celebrate and appreciate teachers and educators around the world. It has been celebrated since 1994; it commemorates the anniversary of the adoption of the 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers, which sets benchmarks regarding the rights and responsibilities of teachers”

This year marks a special theme, “The transformation of education begins with teachers”. It is also a day for us to reflect on the support and needs of our teachers and educators. This is something that is vital now more than ever as schools face higher stakes than ever in a post-pandemic world.

Oracy and World Teacher Day 2022.

At Voice 21, we know how impactful a high-quality oracy education can be for young people’s learning and life chances, including giving them the confidence to speak up at school. Yet the same can be said for teachers and support staff. A school that embeds oracy across school life, places emphasis on valuing every voice and promotes a shared language around talk can have knock-on benefits for staff wellbeing and confidence too. 

Why? It’s not just young people who can sometimes find it difficult to express themselves – all of us, as adults, can benefit from the right structures and supportive environment for high-quality talk.

For example, the use of sentence stems can be very effective with students, giving a scaffold to articulate their thoughts clearly and effectively.  

An equivalent could also be helpful in ensuring staff discussions are high-quality too, particularly in conversations around needs, wants and wellbeing in the workplace. Staff who feel confident articulating their feelings and needs feel heard and valued by others. This, in turn, will build stronger relationships, trust and pride amongst staff, and help leaders identify steps they can take in order to support wellbeing. Building confidence can take time, but where staff are confident to ask for support, students are more likely to take feedback positively.

Leaders could use our Oracy Benchmarks to think about the quality of discussions in the staff body and encourage reflection. Just as we want every student’s voice to be valued, how can we ensure each member of staff feels their voice is valued in school? Modelling expectations is key: just as with young people, when having conversations with staff, providing clear guidelines for discussions, a shared language and an explicit ambition of encouraging contributions from all can go a long way to creating an open and welcoming environment.

This is all the more vital given the pressures so many school staff are under at the moment. Here at Voice 21, we recognise and appreciate all the hard work that school staff do each day. We would like to pay tribute to your unwavering commitment to all your students and are proud to support all of you this World Teachers’ Day.

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