In the first stage of your membership as a Voice 21 Oracy School you will build the foundations of oracy teaching and learning to meet the Oracy Teacher Benchmarks across your school. 

Our Oracy Pedagogy and Practice Course, consultancy support and online learning modules will equip teachers in your school with the expertise, tools and resources to provide a high-quality oracy education in every classroom.

By the end of Stage 1 you will notice your students’ confidence increase as they develop their oracy skills and build an understanding of how talk supports their learning. 

Key outcomes and benefits of Stage 1

By the end of Stage 1 you and your colleagues will have:

  • Evaluated your school’s teaching practice against the Oracy Benchmarks and tracked your progress across the year
  • Defined and articulated your school’s vision for oracy
  • Developed and enacted a strategic plan for oracy in every classroom
  • Led in-house oracy CPD
  • Taught oracy explicitly and evaluated your students’ progress
  • Harnessed oracy to strengthen and deepen subject learning
  • Benefited from networking with other Voice 21 Oracy Schools and learning from their different approaches to oracy education
  • Attended exclusive member events designed to develop your knowledge and understanding of oracy
  • Accessed self-led online learning to support your knowledge and understanding of oracy in practice
Outcomes for your students

Students are confident to speak up, recognising what good oracy skills are and how these support their learning.

“It expands your understanding on topics. You have one understanding of a topic, but when you talk to people and you ask for their opinions, you have a better understanding of a whole topic, and most of the time you are able to provide better answers.” Year 9 student

Commitments and courses at Stage 1:

Oracy Pedagogy & Practice course

The course will equip teachers in your school with the expertise, tools and resources to provide a high-quality oracy education in every classroom.

It includes three days for two member of staff as well as six hours of online learning and discretionary time in school to trial and implement new tools and approaches.

Consultancy support

Remote consultancy support focused around five milestone meetings over the year, plus ongoing contact from your school’s Oracy Consultant.

At the start and end of each stage we will benchmark your school using the Oracy Benchmarks. As part of this process we will work with you to create your school’s personal Oracy Portfolio. 

Online learning

We have a number of different self-led online modules at each stage which we would encourage your staff to complete. Each module is approximately six hours of online learning,  as well as additional activities and tasks to complete in the classrooms.

Register to become a Voice 21 Oracy School in January 2022!

Prices: Each stage costs £2500 (primary schools) or £3000 (secondary schools) for the year. If you sign up for all three stages now, your total cost over three years will be reduced to £7000 (primary schools) or £8500 (secondary schools).

Logistics: On registering, please select the most convenient course location to attend across England and Wales, or you can choose to attend the course online.

Registration: We are now taking registrations for schools wishing to start as Voice 21 Oracy Schools in January 2022. You can register one school or multiple schools via the links below.

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You can register now to join Stage 1 as a Voice 21 Oracy School in January 2022.

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