Our oracy home-learning highlights

After a term of remote learning, we’ve pulled together some of our most popular home-learning challenges that we’ve been sharing weekly with our Voice 21 Oracy Schools.

Suitable for using as part of your online teaching or offline at home with parents and carers. Take a look and download your favourites below.

1.Talk to explain:

Get your students to explain the world to an alien, either as part of a live lesson or as an independent activity which could be recorded and shared. Using the Oracy Framework you can guide students to explicitly develop their oracy skills. Download the challenge here.

2. Talking point: Should billionaires exist?

Elon Musk’s fortune surpassed $185 billion recently, a hot topic of discussion for students to have with classmates or with family, at home. Using this stimulus as a talking point and our Talk Tactics encourage students to think strategically about their contributions to the discussion. Download the challenge here. 

3.Talk to persuade: 

Challenge your students to plan and record a video campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine. Using the Oracy Framework, encourage your students to reflect on what oracy skills are important when presenting. Download the challenge here. 

4. Talking point: A 10p charge won’t stop people using plastic bags.

To encourage recycling, plastic bags will be doubling in price in Scotland, but will it work? A hot topic of discussion for students to have with classmates or with family, at home. Again, use our Talk Tactics to get students to consider how they can develop their argument further through contributing strategically during the discussion. Download the challenge here.

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