Opportunity: Teacher Assessment of Oracy

February 2020

Voice 21 is launching a new project to develop an oracy assessment tool. We hope that by drawing on the expertise of teachers across the UK, we can create a tool that teachers can easily use to track the progress of students in their classrooms. 

Why take part?

Questions about how to assess oracy are some of the most frequently asked by teachers Voice 21 works with. Is every student making progress? How can I know? How can I track and record this? How can progress in oracy be shared with students and their families in a way that is meaningful?

We want to create an oracy assessment tool which helps to answer some of these questions – and we hope that you and your school will join us! Read the full project overview here.


Our Student Oracy Assessment research project will: 

  • Draw upon existing academic research and frameworks for oracy assessment
  • Consult with practitioners and experts about the design of an assessment tool.
  • Trial the tool with at least 20 teachers and 240 students, across years 5, 6 and 7.
  • Collect and review video footage for oracy tasks to standardise scoring.
  • Survey and interview teachers to gather their feedback about the usefulness of the assessment tool.


By Autumn 2020, we aim to have developed the first iteration of an oracy assessment tool to be accessed and used by the thousands of teachers Voice 21 is working with. 


To be involved in the project, your school would need to:

  • Recruit 12 students from Years 5, 6 or Year 7 onto the project
  • Recruit at least 2 teachers into the project, both of whom would assess the students, either “live” or via recorded footage
  • Attend one 60 minute webinar training on the use of the assessment tool on Monday 9 March or Tuesday 10 March 
  • Complete, record and assess a task of approximately 20 minutes, at two points in the school year (once in March/April; once in June/July). This would involve assessing all 12 participating students, who would perform the task in groups of three. 
  • Complete student and teacher surveys twice in the school year (after each task-assessment, so once in March/April; once in June/July). Surveys are anticipated to take approx. 10 minutes for students, and 20 minutes for teachers. 

Schools taking part in the project will receive:

  • Access to resources and training on the use of oracy in the classroom, and on assessing oracy
  • Access to an online Voice 21 space for participants in the project. This space will host oracy resources and the opportunity for discussion with other schools on the project
  • Access to remote support from Voice 21 to ensure full confidence in the facilitation of the assessment task and use of the assessment tool
  • Feedback from Voice 21 throughout the life of the project sharing learning around best practice in oracy assessment, and where the data permits helping schools to understand the progress of their students over time, and in comparison with other schools on the project. 


To register your school to take part in this project, please sign up here by Wednesday 26 February

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