Being a Voice 21 Oracy School

As a member school, you will benefit from:

  • A Regional Relationship Manager to support your school, every year.
  • Continuous professional development as part of a pathway of your choice.
    Each pathway is designed to equip your team with the knowledge, skills and practical tools to develop a particular aspect of your oracy provision. 
  • An unlimited amount of access to our Open Learning Programme for all colleagues, not just teachers.
  • Guidance and support with implementation planning and impact measurement and assessment.
  • Being part of a thriving national network of over 600 schools, who are at the forefront of innovative and impactful oracy practice in the UK.

Regional Relationship Manager

Your Regional Relationship Manager will support you to make the most of your membership. They are on hand, throughout the year to answer your questions and provide additional guidance.

Implementation planning

Getting to know the context of your school is important. Our oracy experts support you with bespoke implementation planning to ensure that a high-quality oracy education is tailored to the needs of your school in a clear, systematic and embedded way. 


Impact Measurement

Access a variety of tools to measure the impact of oracy in your school to enable you to understand how better to embed oracy into the heart of school life.

Oracy Schools Network

Connect with hundreds of schools across the country through our online platform and events both in-person and online.


Each year that you’re a member school, pick from our range of Pathways and their Programmes as an area of focus. Whether it be Classroom Practice, Curriculum Design or Leadership Development, start with any of the pathways and engage with them in any order over the years. Our pathways build on and support each other over time, enabling your school to become a Voice 21 Oracy Centre of Excellence.

Open Learning

Our programme of Open Learning enhances your school’s pathway choice for the year. It’s a varied selection of our expert short courses, downloadable resources, online learning and peer communities that are accessible to all colleagues in your school, not just teachers. Designed to complement your existing CPD plan, all options are focused on developing a specific area of practice which you select depending on the specific needs of your whole- school, colleagues and long-term goals for oracy.

Groups of 4 schools or more receive additional benefits.

Groups of 4+ schools are entitled to further benefits and possible discounted rates on membership fees.

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